Winning Software Categories in New Normal

Starbucks Business Plan
WFH is Win-Win
  • Video conferencing solution for people to feel like they are in a conference room together. Zoom is has taken the consumer world by storm during COVID-19, but companies like BlueJeans*, who was just acquired by Verizon, are integral parts to company’s future strategies. Enterprise grade secure video conferencing solutions will be crucial as the world moves to 5G and beyond.
  • Online security and data privacy solutions protect computers themselves and the data flowing between your computer and the office network. VPN had been more of a techie product for protecting data going back and forth, but now that the workforce is remote, it’s a critical source of data protection for anyone remote. Companies like Cyberghost*, Surfshark* and NordVPN all have good prospects for the future.
  • Online collaboration tools to facilitate working like a group of people in a room or in front of a whiteboard. Due to the rapid change from office based to all remote, a previously scheduled twenty person workshop was moved online to a remote collaboration tool called Miro. As a group, we all agreed that how the workshop was run with the software was so impressive that we are evaluating rolling out company-wide.
  • Video creation platforms will win because businesses now realize that video delivery is so much more powerful to communicate than writing. The 5G revolution will support delivery of these pre-recorded and live-streamed videos. Companies and leaders should embrace video to tell stories to their team members. Here’s an example I recorded using WeVideo:
cleverbridge video public service announcement



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Craig Vodnik

Craig Vodnik

Global flexible billing entrepreneur of @cleverbridge with a passion for recurring payments and customer experience. @hydeparkangels board